Our Services



  • Sample short run to multi cavity production class “A” mold frames
  • Cold / Hot runner feed
  • Valve / Hot drop gate
  • Cam / 3 plate / Unscrewing actions



  • Makino Duo 43 Wire EDM
  • Charmilles Wire EDM
  • Charmilles conventional EDM
  • Novotec “Fast hole” EDM
  • Haas Vertical CNC machining
  • Bridgeport Vertical CNC machining
  • Brown and Sharpe grinders with solid mounted Opti-Dress wheel dressers
  • Multiple “work station” PCs running the latests versions of CAD/CAM software

…and all assorted equipment required to provide you with a quality product…

Pharmaceutical Fabrication

Racks_BlueWe understand the needs of our pharmaceutical customers in regards to knowledge of materials, their applications, and clean room standards as well as confidentiality concerns involved with the use of an outside vendor. We will provide all paperwork to ensure your job is handled with the utmost professionalism and, if requested, hand deliver your project to your facility.